Sunday, June 6, 2010


I haven't posted much this last couple of weeks, but I did find this excellent video of Sargassum off Alabama. By now everyone should have heard of the BP fiasco, which is a massive tragedy on many levels.

It is easy to forget or just not realise how important the region is, not just locally but globally. In terms of birds and fish the gulf is prolific, and the screw up there has the potential to disrupt the whole Atlantic.

Why? In simple terms that western part is a spawning ground for many Atlantic fish. The ocean currents also mean that whatever happens there will sooner or later end up in Europe and the North Pacific. And lets be realistic, the oceans are already well screwed as it is. North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna are at 10% levels already...and where do they breed?

On the bird front, I think North America has about 600 species of birds in the summer, that drops to about 140 in the winter...and those birds arent flying north for the winter.

So yeah we have managed to screw a very very important place. I mean this is not just about saving birds and is about saving ourselves.

Anyway a very cool video of the wonders that are out there, so have a look.

A day in the sargassum

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