Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Post

So here I am, I was thinking of being all sophisticated and using French, actually not really, it was simply a matter of having to choose an available name. So voyageai seemed suitably impressive and totally available...

The blogs name is imperfect subjunctive, somehow that seems to suit. Although to be all technical Voyageai is actually passe simple, but who are we to be pedantic.

Anyway we shall see how this blogging thing works out. I have been thinking about it on and off and finally decided to give it a proper shot. Actually it is part of a larger push, life changing and all of that, I have turned back to art, and well I could not be arsed at the moment with a website, so this seems an easy way to post my voyages.

I should probably warn I am sarcastic at times, so no great offence is intended.

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