Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strange stuff

I was on the train and thinking, see, they say "please report any suspicious people..." etc. Which sounds reasonable, except that when I looked around, well there seemed to be a lot of suspicious people. I mean realistically I would have to arrest about half of them.

I don't know if that makes me antisocial or not, but there really are some very suspicious looking people. In fact a lot of people just seem seriously messed up. And what is it with singing to yourself when everyone can hear, I mean I have never ever ever heard someone singing along to their ipod or whatever that doesn't sound shite.

Or putting it another way if your singing was that good, you wouldn't be on the train or bus anyway. Technically I think the proper word is delusional. Fucked in the head also comes to mind.

Speaking of which, why are people using BCE in history? Worse, historians seem to have come up with BCE - Before Common Era. Instead of BC - Before Christ. The thing is unless my history is really really wrong, the whole western calender is based on the supposed year of Christs political correctness really that stupid? I mean if you dont like it to be based on Christ, then you need to actually do it properly and no longer let it be 2010 also.

Seriously the stupidity that goes on these days is nuts. Oh and I read in the paper a push to encourage people to use electric vehicles....great....and also issues over new sources of power....So again, perhaps it's just me - but ummm where do electric cars get their electricity from???

Dumb question I guess...

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